Life is about the journey and the people that you meet along the way.

Much like music, wine takes you to a place and a time. It evokes emotion and both elicits and creates memory. It is the result of our environment unfolding around us and like music, it has a story to tell – the ancient soils vines take root in, the hands that carefully tend to the fruit and the years of patience as it barrel ages in the cellar.

Wine has always been a part of our story. As the success and struggles unfolded around us, wine has been our witness. With it, we toasted to our success in celebration and in our moments of weakness we commiserated, strategized and found rekindled passion in one another. Whether it was in the studio or on the road, shared with our family or friends, our story unfolds much like that of a great wine.

When we visited our friend Andrew Browne we realized our passion for wine was far deeper than even we had imagined and how much it had touched our lives. Andrew is the Proprietor of Browne Family Vineyards, a family winery located in the heart of the Walla Walla Valley – one of Washington state’s most acclaimed wine regions. With his winemaker and viticulturist, Andrew tirelessly searches for the right fruit from his estate vineyards to tell that story year after year – not unlike how we share our story with you through each album which is why with Browne Family Vineyards, we started Four Cellars.

Cheers, Little Big Town